Kishr was discovered in Arab pharmacopeias where experimentation proved that a “medicinal ingredient” was present in the coffee cherry. Medicine men would prescribe it for its benefits and it soon became a popular beverage, as people enjoyed its light and aromatic taste.  In an 1877 New York Times article, a US journalist visiting the Arabian Peninsula described Kishr as “a most agreeable beverage”.

Modern scientific research is just now opening its eyes to the benefits of the coffee cherry, which is being recognized as a superfruit and is the hot new anti-aging ingredient. Dried coffee cherry is the main ingredient in Kishr, infusing it with powerful antioxidants. Not only does Kishr have more antioxidants than green tea, but also less than half the caffeine, among other health benefits.

Kishr has been in my family for generations. I grew up drinking Kishr and I knew that it was something that needed to be shared. Realizing that nothing like it existed in the US market, I decided to bring it to market myself. Together with its rich history, health benefits, and my family recipe, it’s hard not to love it!

Rowida Assalimy